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Information Sessions

Information Sessions (usually held in CURF’s Fireside Lounge on the 2nd floor of the ARCH building at 3601 Locust Walk, currently entirely virtual) include:

  • Fellowships Explained - a broad overview of what fellowships are and why one might wish to apply 
  • How to Build an Effective Fellowship Application and Fellowships 201 (on canvas) - how to most effectively build a case for your candidacy (for those planning to apply)
  • CURF Information Sessions on specific fellowships - a discussion of the nuances of fellowships requiring extremely focused applications
  • Information Sessions with fellowship foundation and university representatives - visit from funders to educate applicants about their ideal applicants 
  • Discussions with recent Penn fellowship recipients - discussion with an individual or group of recent recipients describing their application experience

Upcoming sessions are listed on the right side of this page. Additional sessions can be found using the search feature on the CURF Events page.

Students who wish to learn more about their options should review our online resources, attend relevant information sessions and gatherings, and then call the CURF office at 215-746-6488 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Wallace Genser or Dr. Angie Estevez (depending on the fellowship) to discuss your individual interests.