R&F Week: Spring Research Symposium and Poster Session

February 1, 2018 - 5:30pm to 7:00pm
Dr. Ann Vernon-Grey

The CURF UAB is excited to announce the lineup for the University of Pennsylvania’s 2018 Research and Fellowships Week! If you are curious about getting started in research, applying for research funding, or how participating in research can feed into a successful application for a major fellowship, check out our faculty panels and information sessions. To hear more about the research of current undergraduates and talk to them directly about their experiences, stop by the undergraduate research symposium!

You are invited to meet with over 200 Penn student researchers displaying posters of their research projects with faculty in all 12 Penn schools. Drop in any time and ask your peers how they found their mentors, how they got their projects started, or how they found funding for their research. This is a high-energy event that is sure to inspire and motivate you!

Contact: anneliza@upenn.edu for more information.

Houston Hall, Bodek Lounge