SURE (Summer Undergraduate Research Experience): Natural and Biomedical Sciences Program at Emory College

The SURE (Summer Undergraduate Research Experience): Natural and Biomedical Sciences Program supports Emory College undergraduates who wish to explore, experience, and conduct full-time independent and mentored research for the summer.
During the ten-week residential summer program, research fellows conduct full-time research, mentored by their Faculty Mentor or Principal Investigator and teams of postdocs, research technicians, graduate students, and other undergraduates.  Our summer researchers receive a housing award for residence on the Emory campus and a stipend to support their full-time attention to research training and professional development. SURE provides an opportunity to discuss science and start building your professional network with world-renowned scientists and with your best and brightest peers from Emory and other institutions.

SURE: Natural and Biomedical Sciences offers the opportunity to develop skills such as:

  • Designing Experiments
  • Problem Solving
  • Interpreting Results
  • Communicating research to a variety of audiences
  • Navigating difficult ethical situations

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Application Components:

  • Transcript
  • Resume
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Application Form
  • Letter of Support


  • Funding is available to US citizens and permanent residents
  • Be fully available during the dates of the entire program

Program Requirements:

  • Complete all pre-arrival steps in order to be admitted to the program
  • Attend and participate fully during entire program 
  • Complete all required safety training prior to collecting data on your project
  • Dedicate approximately 40 hours/week to their research projects
  • Participate in all weekly seminars, workshops, discussion groups and activities as scheduled
  • Develop a mentor-mentee contract with their faculty mentor
  • Post a research proposal by the third week of the program
  • Routinely consult the updated online program schedule
  • Present a poster during the poster symposium
  • Complete pre/post program evaluations
  • Participate in laboratory meetings, journal clubs, safety training, and other academic activities as outlined by the research mentor
  • Update program organizers of future academic developments for program assessment purposes

Research Offering Location

Research Eligibility: 

Undergraduate School

College Engineering LPS Nursing Wharton

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