2021 Graduating Senior Research Prizes

CURF would like to celebrate the following recipients of the Rose, Yardley and Bodek Senior Prizes.  These awards recognize graduating seniors who have completed remarkable works of scholarship under the supervision of a Penn faculty member.  Congratulations to you all!

Rose Undergraduate Research Award

  • Reese Berman (COL ’21): Disjointed Bodies and Feminine Politics: The Collage Work of Hannah Höch and Marisol Escobar [Advised by Dr. Shira Brisman, History of Art]
  • Tathagat Bhatia (COL ’21): Crisis Talk: Food and Industry in Postcolonial India, 1951-1965 [Advised by Dr. Etienne Benson, History and Sociology of Science]
  • Anna Callahan (COL ’21): Impossible Stakes: Social Media Disinformation Responses in a Year of Infection and Insurrection [Advised by Dr. Carolyn Marvin, COMM]
  • Michiyah Collins (Arts and Sciences ’21): Mutations Affecting HVO_1357 or HVO_2248 Cause Hypermotility in Haloferax volcanii, Suggesting Roles in Motility Regulation [Advised by Dr. Mechthild Pohlschroder, Biology]
  • Justin Greenman (Arts and Sciences ’21): Loyalty and Disloyalty in Urban America: A Comparative Study of New York City and Philadelphia Politics [Advised by Dr. Sarah Gronningsater, History]
  • Zovinar Khrimian (COL ’21): A Visual Interface for Collective Ritual Experience [Advised by Dr. Elizabeth Johnson, Visual Studies]
  • Adam Konkol (COL ’21): Interplay of river and tidal forcings promotes loops in coastal channel networks [Advised by Dr. Eleni Katifori, Physics]
  • Amelia Marion (COL ’21): Searching for Carthage in Plautus' Poenulus: An Exploration of Punic Culture in Roman Literature [Advised by Dr. James Ker, Classical Studies]
  • Grace Mock (COL ’21): Money on the Mind: The Impact of Consumerism on American Mental Healthcare from the 1800s to the 2010s [Advised by Dr. Andi Johnson, Health and Societies]
  • Amanda Moreno (COL ’21): Cell Type-Specific Effects of Amylin Receptors in the Nucleus Accumbens Shell on Oxycodone Reinforcement [Advised by Dr. Heath Schmidt, Department of Biobehavioral Health Sciences]
  • Taylor Nelson (COL ’21): North Africa and the Making of American Psychological Warfare and Propaganda, 1942-1945 [Advised by Dr. Heather Sharkey, NELC]
  • Jacob Nibauer (COL ’21): Statistics of the Chemical Composition of Solar Analog Stars and Links to Planet Formation [Advised by Dr. Bhuvnesh Jain, Physics]
  • Shreya Parchure (EAS ’21): BDNF Gene Polymorphism Predicts Response to Continuous Theta Burst Stimulation (cTBS) in Chronic Stroke Patients [Advised by Dr. Roy Hamilton, Neurology]
  • Beau Staso (COL/WH ’21): The Paradox of Rival Cooperation and Competition in the Space Age [Advised by Dr. Farah Jan, International Relations]
  • Karthik Tadepalli (COL ’21): Income-Share Agreements in Higher Education [Advised by Dr. Rakesh Vohra, Economics]

The Gordon Bodek Prize

  • Sangeun Kim (COL ’21): Evaluating the Impact of Racial Literacy Programs on the Experience of Black Students in Majority-White High Schools [Advised by Dr. Wendy Roth, Sociology]

The Joseph Warner Yardley Prize

  • Stephanie Grossman (COL ’21): Extending Social Security’s Solvency and Increasing Social Security’s Equity: Closing the Budget Gap Using the Life Expectancy Gap [Advised by Dr. Jere Behrman, Economics]