Meet Todd Makler, BFS (GH) class of '68!

After graduating from Penn in 1968, I promptly got married.  In the Fall of that year I
started medical school (Penn) and then had a residency in Nuclear Medicine (also
Penn since I suffered from a lack of imagination).  I then practiced academic Nuclear
Medicine in the Philadelphia area including postings of Chief of Nuclear Cardiology
(HUP), and Chief of Nuclear Medicine at Einstein and, later, Hahnemann University
Hospital.  I retired in 2010.

At Penn I had won two NCAA Championships in Saber and in 1972 I was on the US
Olympic fencing team in Epee.

Upon retirement my wife and I moved to the West Coast (Palo Alto area) to be near
our two sons and 6 grandchildren.  Here my interests are taking courses at Stanford
(with a focus on classics and literature) and playing bridge.

My memories of GH are the pleasure of the intellectual stimulation from a group of
people who actively enjoyed learning in a highly competitive environment.  Whether
it was physics or history, literature or religion, we all approached it with a focus on
learning as much as possible.  Being in school with a group who enjoyed learning for
the sake of learning was a wonderful way to spend 4 years.