GIANT International Internship Programme (GIIP)

Application Deadline

February 25, 2022


Contact Kristin Field at for more information.


Summer Research at GIANT for undergraduates:

REACT offers the opportunity for up to five undergraduate students per year to do summer research at GIANT in Grenoble, France. GIANT is a one-of-a-kind research campus that co-localizes world-class institutions ranging from universities to national and European research facilities to start-up companies. This vast research infrastructure provides a unique and stimulating environment for researchers and students alike.

Summer research projects will be related to the REACT areas of interest (active coatings for water purification and management, prevention of infection transmission and energy generation and storage). In France, students take part in a larger internship program (GIANT International Internship Programme or GIIP), which hosts around 25 students and trainees from a number of non-European universities during the summer.


Students applications are in progress for the Summer intake (May to July/August) and Autumn intake (September to December).

For the Summer intake deadline for application was on February 25th.

For the Autumn intake, they will be opened until April 22.

Program Details

Dates: May – July /August  2022 (Travel to Grenoble would occur around May 14; there is some start date flexibility in cases where a student has an academic conflict.)

Provided by the program: Travel costs to/from Grenoble, housing in Grenoble and a modest cost-of-living reimbursement and stipend.

Expectations: Students work in GIANT labs full-time during the program under a French mentor/supervisor and participate in GIIP programs (e.g., research seminars, facility tours, social events, poster and research presentations) and REACT events (e.g., teaching seminars, annual summer meeting)

Opportunities: Upon return to the Philadelphia-area, opportunities include a) presenting summer research in REACT forums, b) potentially continuing research in a Penn-based REACT lab during the academic year, c) participating in outreach events.

Eligibility: All participants must be a) U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents and b) be undergraduates at Penn, Bryn Mawr or Villanova.


a) Fill out the application form.

b) Email the below items to

(i) Resume (1-page limit)

(ii) Transcripts – unofficial are OK for initial review

(iii) Statement answering the below questions

1) Why would you like to be involved with the REACT project? (250-word limit)

2) Why would you like to do research at GIANT in Grenoble and/or be part of the GIANT International Internship Program? (250-word limit)

3) Briefly describe any prior research experience and technical skills you have. (350-word limit)

c) Request that a faculty member send a letter of support for your participation in the program (the letter should be emailed from the faculty member to


Due to funding agency restrictions, applicants need to be U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents.

Research Offering Type


Research Offering Location

Europe USA
Research Eligibility: 

Undergraduate School

College Engineering LPS Nursing Wharton

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