Field Research Fellowship Program with American Center for Mongolian Studies

Application Deadline

April 30, 2020

The American Center for Mongolian Studies (ACMS), with funding support from the US State Department Educational and Cultural Affairs Bureau and the Council of American Overseas Research Centers, invites applications for the eight year for the ACMS Field Research Fellowship Program.

The program will provide awards of up to $4,000 to approximately 4-8 students, post-docs, or faculty to conduct short-term student, post-doctoral, or faculty field research in Mongolia between May and October, 2019. Applicants must be US citizens currently enrolled full-time (students) or employed at least part-time (post-docs and faculty) at a university or college. Students who have just graduated are eligible for the program. Undergraduate applicants must have at least third year standing in their program, while graduate applicants can be at a masters, pre-dissertation, or doctoral candidacy level. 

Joint applications submitted by a student and post-doctoral scholar or faculty member are highly encouraged. Joint applicants must submit individual applications, but the applications will be evaluated both individually and jointly during the review process. Joint applications are not required, and individual applications are welcome.

The field research project should be conducted in conjunction with a Research Sponsor, such as a faculty member or senior researcher, and involve at least 6 weeks for students or 3 weeks for post-docs or faculty of fieldwork in Mongolia. Preference is given to projects in which the Research Sponsor will work directly with the researcher in the field in Mongolia.

Research Sponsors should have relevant experience in supporting academic field research, and agree to host the fellow’s research project. Field research projects should last a minimum of 3 weeks, and be conducted in Mongolia between May and October.

In their applications, students are asked to describe how their participation in the project will support their educational and career goals, and how their project supports the development of US-Mongolian cooperation. Applicants are required to include a letter of support from their Research Sponsors responsible for overseeing the students’ research programs.


All applicants must complete their application online and attach supplementary materials, such as university transcripts, cv, and/or letter of support from the Research Sponsor. Applications must be received by the ACMS by February 15, 2019. 


  • All applicants must be citizens of the USA, and must be enrolled full-time (students) or employed at least part-time (post-docs and faculty) at a college or university. Students graduating in the spring are eligible to apply. Students who are graduating before the start of their field research project should indicate their future study plans and how the field research fellowship will fit into those plans. 
  • Student fellowship recipients must spend a minimum of 6 weeks conducting their research projects between May and October.
  • Each student fellowship recipient must work with a Research Sponsor who will oversee their research work.
  •  Undergraduate applicants must have at least third year standing in their program.
  •  All applicants must be current members of the ACMS to be considered for the program. 
  • A portion of the fellowship stipend will be withheld until the recipient submits their final report on their fellowship experience.

Research Offering Location

Asia International (Not UK)
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Undergraduate School

College Engineering LPS Nursing Wharton
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Contact Information

For additional information and questions on the program and application process, please contact the ACMS using the phone or email contact: