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April 8, 2022

The CAMRA Mellon Fellowship Program seeks to harness the potential of visual methods to democratize the production of knowledge in academic spaces. The program’s fundamental objective is to increase the national pipeline of undergraduate students who pursue graduate careers that engage with both the theoretical and practical underpinnings of multimedia research and scholarship. These students aim to complete Ph.D. programs in core fields that interrogate the politics of representation and the power dynamics at play in multimodal (e.g., film, photography, performance, auditory) scholarship and in popular media. As a three-year pipeline, the program also aims to increase the presence of individuals from underrepresented groups pursuing Ph.D. programs on college and university faculties. In this sense, the program strives to help democratize and broaden both what counts as “scholarship” as well as who we think of as “scholars”.

The CAMRA Mellon Fellowship Program is open to students with a demonstrated commitment to eradicating racial disparities with media including students who, though not from traditionally underrepresented groups, have otherwise demonstrated a commitment to the goals of the program. CAMRA Mellon applicants must be highly motivated towards gaining a Ph.D. and teaching at the university level.


For more information on the fellowship and application instructions, visit the CAMRA Fellows page.


Eligibility: Applications are open to all University of Pennsylvania second-year students who will be entering their third year in the fall.

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