BFSers Preethi Kumaran and Rupa Palanki help found Lockdown Letters!

BFSers Preethi Kumaran and Rupa Palanki, like all of us, know that our healthcare workers are deserving of more thanks and recognition than we can provide. They, however, have decided to put a little bit of that thanks into writing. Preethi and Rupa -- along with four other students from Penn, and one from Cornell -- have established Lockdown Letters. Lockdown Letters provides each of us an opportunity to do a small kindness for our healthcare workers: write them a custom letter. Rupa, Preethi, and the rest of the Lockdown Letters founding team have made it possible to connect with local doctors, and nurses and offer them a heartfelt "Thank you." If you would like to write a letter you can do so here.

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