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BFS Undergraduate Advisory Board

With the goal of uniting scholars from different classes and schools across Penn, the BFS Undergraduate Advisory Board was established to foster a sense of community within BFS. The board aims to facilitate interaction among scholars by organizing social and education events such as:

  • Study Breaks
  • Trivia Nights
  • Alumni Events
  • Annual Alumni Trek to New York


Meg Gladieux is studying Cognitive Science and French and Francophone Studies in the College, Class of 2023; her other academic interests include Urban Education and Creative Writing. In addition to serving on BFS UAB, she serves on the Student Committee on Undergraduate Education (SCUE), works as a CWiC public speaking advisor, is involved in community engagement through the Netter Center, works as a research assistant in the School of Nursing, and writes for 34th Street magazine.


Vice President:

Hannah Jin is a sophomore majoring in Cognitive Science and minoring in Math in the College. In addition to neuroscience and math, her interests also include statistics, public health, and the arts. Outside of the BFS UAB, she works as a research assistant. She is also a member of Penn’s Undergraduate Math Society, Association for Women in Mathematics, Undergraduate Statistics Society, and women’s fitness group CHAARG




Ainsley Rexford is studying Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Class of 2025. She is a defender and Social Chair for the women's Ice Hockey Team, a member of the Marketing and Communications committee for the Society of Women in Engineering, a member of Penn Outdoors, and a member of the Wellness Committee for SEAS Wellness. On the BFS board, she is the Social Chair and School of Engineering Liaison



Ren Yagawara, Class of 2024, is studying Psychology, with minors in Chemistry and Healthcare Management. He is a CURF research peer advisor and a BFS peer mentor, competes on Penn's Club Ultimate Frisbee team, serves on the boards of the Brain Exercise Initiative and Mayor's Scholars, writes as a real-time staffer for the Daily Pennsylvanian, and works as a research assistant at Penn Medicine.



Sulaiman Yamin is a member of the class of 2025 from Washington, DC, studying Economics in the College. Outside of the BFS UAB, he is involved with the Wharton Social Impact Initiative and various cultural groups on campus. His hobbies include traveling, learning languages, listening to podcasts, and eating copious amounts of Greek Yogurt. Fun Fact: Sulaiman has been to over 50 countries!



Madison Smith is studying Communications and Economics in the College, Class of 2025; her other academic interests include psychology and Spanish. In addition to serving on BFS UAB, she serves on the Daily Pennsylvanian Marketing Team, Penn Traditions Student Ambassadors, and is involved in community engagement through the After School Arts Program at the Platt Performing Arts House.



Ibrahim El-Morsy is studying Economics and Health & Societies with a concentration in Health Care Management in the College, Class of 2024; his other academic interests include Public Policy and Data Analytics. Besides BFS UAB, he serves for Habitat for Humanity and Scholars of Finance, a consultant for the Wharton Undergraduate Healthcare Club and Consult Your Community, and the Class Board College Class Chair. He participates in civic engagement by tutoring and volunteering through Netter Center programs. He enjoys weightlifting, being outdoors, exploring Philadelphia and rooting for their sports teams.


Collin Lovelace is studying Neuroscience and Psychology in the College, Class of 2025; he also hopes to explore mythological/religious studies, art history, and comparative literature in his time at Penn. In addition to serving as ISP Liaison on the BFS UAB, he is also a member of the Penn Neuroscience Society Research Committee and serves as Vice President of Dischord A Capella. Collin is currently looking for research opportunities as he hopes to study psychiatric illness such as schizophrenia, BPD, PTSD, and OCD.


Liala Sofi is studying Health and Societies and Healthcare Management in the College, Class of 2025. In addition to serving on BFS UAB, she serves on the finance committee for GlobeMed, is on the executive board for Friends of MSF, volunteers at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), works as a researcher at Perelman School of Medicine, plays rugby, and is an opinion columnist for the Daily Pennsylvanian.



Erin Schott is a sophomore studying Classical studies in the College of Arts and Sciences. She is also interested in Creative Writing and serves on the Undergraduate Classics Board at Penn. In her free time, Erin enjoys baking, running, and reading.



Hertha Torre Gallego is studying Public Health and Hispanic Studies in the College, Class of 2024; her other academic interests include Urban Education and Literature. To complement her collaboration with BFS UAB, she serves as Community Building Chair of Penn Traditions, works as a Conference Planning Assistant at the Global Water Alliance, is involved in education and community engagement through the Aditus Program, and participates in the Assembly of International Students (AIS) as a member of the Social Committee.


Tahira Khan is a sophomore in the College studying Psychology. She is an active member of the Muslim Student Association and the Penn Undergraduate Psychology Society. Outside of BFS UAB, she serves at the External Communications Director for UNICEF for UPenn and is interested in researching pharmaceuticals for psychiatric disorders, cognitive behavioral therapy, and decision making. She is an avid fan of crime dramas and enjoys going on spontaneous adventures.


Krishna Chandrasekhara is studying International Relations and Environmental Studies on the pre-med track in the College, Class of 2025. He also serves as a Fox Leadership Fellow for CHILD USA, is the Vice President of Isla Urbana at Penn, and is on the Community Outreach & Engagement Committee of the International Affairs Association.



Claudia Magahis is a freshman in the College studying Biology and Nutrition Science. In addition to being on BFS UAB, she serves as the secretary of the Penn Pre-Medical Association (PPMA), volunteers at the HUP food pantry, works as a Weingarten Ambassador, and is involved with the Penn Philippine Association (PPA).




Claire Sun is undecided but considering Urban Studies, Psychology, or Sociology in the College, Class of 2025; her other academic interests include Urban Education and Creative Writing. In addition to serving on BFS UAB, she also spends her time as a committee member in the APSC.



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BFS Faculty Council

The BFS Faculty Council works closely with the BFS Director to provide the program's intellectual and academic leadership. The Council consists of the BFS Director and the Directors of the BFS programs in Penn's four undergraduate schools, and meets regularly to discuss program vision and set academic, admissions, instructional, and other program policies.

Prof. Peter Struck, Professor and Chair of Classical Studies and Director of the Benjamin Franklin Scholars Program

Prof. Sue Ann Bidstrup-Allen, Associate Dean, Educational Initiatives and Assessment, Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, and Director of the Benjamin Franklin Scholars Program in Engineering

Prof Kimberly D. Bowes, Professor and Undergraduate Chair of Classical Studies and Director of the Integrated Studies Program in the College

Prof. Sarah Hope Kagan, Professor of Gerontological Nursing, Lucy Walker Honorary Term Professor of Nursing, and Director of the Benjamin Franklin Scholars Program in Nursing

Prof. Catherine M. Schrand, Celia Z. Moh Professor of Accounting and Director of the Joseph Wharton Scholars Program in Wharton


BFS Administrative Staff

Academic Coordinator for Scholar Programs
Christine Muller

Graduate Fellow
Sung Yeon Kim