BEN Talks Gallery

BFS students share in the YouTube videos below the most compelling findings from research they’ve conducted at Penn and join a video archive of BFS students’ memorable research that will keep growing for years to come. The creator of each year’s best BEN Talk – as selected by a faculty committee chaired by BFS Director and Professor Peter Struck  – receives a $500 award.

What’s been your most intriguing research discovery at Penn?

The 2018 BEN Talks Winner

Andrew Park, "The Art of Nothing"


The 2017 BEN Talks - select submissions below 

BFS in Nursing cohort (Eva Chau, Kirsten Garza, Sam Noblejas, and Elizabeth Sieber), "Nursing Specialty and Primary Ambulatory Care Education (N-SPACE) – WINNER 2017


Aaron Wolff, "John Stuart Mill and Moral Progress"



Nadia Govotsos, "Gender Diverstiy on Corporate Boards in France: An Analysis"


Mara Zafiu, "Health Access for Vulnerable Populations: a Study on the Narikuravar Community in Tamil Nadu, India"


The 2015 and 2016 BEN Talks - select submissions below 

Maya Afilalo, "Worry in Daily Life" (Winner 2015)


Audrey Harnagel, "A Method to Identify Bet-Hedging Escherichia coli" (Winner 2016)


Wing So, "Art About Elsewhere: The Cultural Politics of Representing Israel and Palestine"


Eileen Wang "Choice, Control and Childbirth: Cesarean Deliveries on Maternal Request in Shanghai, China"


Jane Wu, "The Effect of Metal Cations on Ptaquiloside Hydrolysis"